Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby Get Ready!!

I've mentioned before here how much I love to dance.  I haven't really mentioned the music much.  I , like most of us, have an eclectic play list.  I have everything from Sinatra to Tchaikovsky, Etta James to Charlie Daniels, Adele to a one-hit-wonder college band that used to play on our campus.  That's a little of what I like but I want to ask the readers: what is YOUR sexy song?

You know. What song puts you "in the mood", makes you flashback to those sexy fun times of your youth or yesterday?  Certain songs are meant to do that.  Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" and "Sexual Healing" and I think a lot of people would say Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game."  (which is most definitely a very sexy song) But are there other songs more obscure?  We are all so unique and I'm curious (read nosy).  Here are a few of mine listed below.

Probably an unusual choice for most.  The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Fishin' in the Dark"  But it includes the line which is the title of this post.  "Baby get ready!"  For what? Gets me anything could happen tonight! Makes me want to put on a little sundress and find a fishing hole in the middle of the night."where we'll be moving slow."

Moving Bob Seger.  I absolutely ADORE a man with a deep, sexy, husky voice and Mr .Seger has that going on in spades!  Plus he has his "Night Moves" down pat!  But there's this one song that drives me crazy..(well more than one) but this is the one that comes to mind first.  "Shame on the Moon."  I also love "Turn the Page".  Its mostly about being lonely on the road during his extensive cross country tours..BUT there are those incredibly sexy saxophone solos.  Very hot!

And I'm sure I'm going to hell for this choice..but Josh Turner has the deepest most sexiest Voice EVER.  I REALLY want to ride "His Long Black Train."

And hell if God doesn't want us to ride "The Long Black Train" then why the hell did he send the man with the sexiest voice ever to sing that song!!  I sense a conspiracy!

This list could be endless: there is: Springsteen's "I'm on Fire", Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger", the classic Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden" and "Miss You". My list of sexy songs could go on and on.  I hope you want to share yours


  1. Most of the songs you listed are certainly good ones (though "Long Black Train" is way to preachy for me to listen to for more than a minute, much less want to hear during sexy times.) I've never really had a strong association between music and getting in the mood, though. I love music, and I know some songs are supposed to be sexy, but they just don't move me that way.

  2. My favorite sex music is the opening theme to Jimmy Fallon. And, it's usually long enough!

  3. While I've never fucked to either of them, Ginuwine's "Ride the Pony" and Sheena Easton's "Sugar Walls" always seem to get me in the mood. Yeah, kind of "out there", I know.

  4. Long Black Train does it for you? Really.

    OMG, sure this really isn't about getting some phallic images of Denzel Washington or Samuel L. Jackson? It's OK, those are some handsome dudes!

    1. NO..damn see this was a "blooper"post of sorts! Arghh! I put up the wrong one!

      But I will say Josh Tuner's super sexy deep voice does :) it for me

  5. Never heard of any of these tunes! Or the last artist... what a sexy voice! Strange how I can't remember "important things" and yet a song from *cough* *mumble* forty years ago stands out so clearly and makes me recall the guy lying across my lap in his car in the dark... those were the days. Go listen to "One of These Nights" by the Eagles. Mmm... Great post!

  6. Yay! I have something I could write about! Thank you!