Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Signal

One of the absolute best things about being in a long-term relationship is THE SIGNAL. We've all been at the shower or reception or work function waiting for it...The subtle wink or raise of an eyebrow or movement of a pinkie finger that tells one or the other "Take Me Home Right Now."

It's our own secret code.  Queue the Mission Impossible theme as we make our way to the door..air kissing jealous friends shooting us looks to kill as we put on our coats and head out.  And regardless of how we felt about each other before the party started, we are suddenly best allies.

We're going home!

On the ride there it's all hands on thighs and down pants and up skirts and hot- as -fuck kisses at every stop light.  And as you turn into the driveway, that last most passionate kiss and promise to meet you in bed with the bottle of Dom in 2 minutes!

And then you look up and realize that Every Damn Light In The House Is On and the 4yr old is doing his damndest to get strangled by the mini-blind cord, the sitter is on sofa w earbuds Kikking her BFF.   The kitchen is a disaster after the Sitter's boy (man?)friend realized there are no ingredients in the house to make the Vegan Homeopathic, (potentially) Telekinetic, And OMG it-will-feel-so-good, baby- pancakes in the house.

Hubby grudgingly makes his way to the car to drive the sitter the 2/6ths of a mile home. As he gets behind the wheel he casts his eye toward the front window and sighs as he sees you bend over to lift Kyle, the future spelunker, from under the sofa.   He admires your ass moving up the stairs, the curve of your spine, the sweet way you snuggle and kiss the little brat and wishes he was him.

Of course you're asleep when he climbs up the stairs after locking up and turning off the lights. He peeks in the boys room and strips off his jacket and pants making his way to the bed.  He looks at you and sighs thinking hopefully "Maybe in the morning".

He settles in and gets comfy next to her warm body and drifts off.  But wait..what was that..he shifted slightly.  Listening..and he felt it was her toe stroking against the arch of his foot..oh thank God..the SIGNAL.


  1. Wonderful to see a post from you! I have no familiarity with this way of life but it sounds hot!

  2. yes, the signal and now its time to be quite and not wake the furniture spelunker!

  3. What would life be without signals. Glad to see your post

  4. For us the signal is turning off the TV and locking the bedroom door. Until that happens, I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Great post!

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  8. Hey, I saw you comment on JFB's blog the other day... glad to see you are still around! You know how to find me if you want to chat sometime :) Hope all is well! S.